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Robert Burnett

Robert Burnett

bearing carrier machined!

January 27, 2014

bit more boring shots of metal lol

managed to get the other end of the bearing carrier machined, and then the fit into the plate rebatenosity .happy with it all and now to weld it …oh yes !

Robert Burnett

more progress on the hub

January 24, 2014

v’s mini is now on hold till she comes back in summer ,and she’s helping me sort out the back barn before she goes home 🙁

the blasted billet is some weird metal , it drilled ok , if a bit slowly , but my new carbide cutter will only take off about 10 thou , if I try a deeper cut it squeals like a pig (boy). I tried everything from 60 to 850 rpm , raising and lowering centres, lube or no lube . cutting 10 thou is ok ,and leaves a finish like chrome .phew ,typical bloody stainless , except … its magnetic !

so new plan is to go to the magic scrapyard ,and grab a handfull of no2 morse drills, hopefully up to 40mm or whatever it needs to be ,then I can just machine the last little bit.

phew ,beware of free metal !

bet it will still weld though with my magic unobtanium welder . you really don’t want to know the price of a roll of wire for that .

little bit of progress..

turned down the shank of this 34mm drill to fit in the chuck ,and it didn’t snap off !!!

then generally hacked away at the 316 hub .bit by bit …

until I got the a rough .9mm off my final size at one end

and 5mm too long and too thick at the other …
also faced off the (extremely hard) plate , bit of chatter ,,but that’s ok i’m a talkative sort of chap.

so next step is to finish off the 5mm end ,and then counter sink it a bit more to fit deeperlyer into the plate, and then weld ,then machine final sizes .hot damn!

Robert Burnett

Hole down the middle of the “hub to be”

January 7, 2014


so making a hole down the middle of the’ hub to be’ was not too bad ,a couple of hours work ..

then all the way through was achieved..

bought myself one of these little boring bars to help along ..

now here’s a question I am wondering about ,if I construct the hub like so ,with welded webs to hold it strongly in place , how much will the welding distort the hub out of round ?

I was thinking it may be a good idea to make the hub roughed out ,then weld it to the plate with the webs ,then machine the rest ,what do you think ?
obviously it would be easiest to finish the hub ,and then weld it , but don’t want to have it go all wonky .

the wall thickness when finished is going to be approximately 3/4” 19mm. so pretty damn thick .

unfortunately with a 5” throw on the lathe ,and wanting to have a definately strong tough bearing carrier ( which now appears to be 316) I’m going to persevere with what I have ,the good thing is , if it breaks the gearlever will let me know lol.

ok this reminds me of a story ..

back in 1993…..

in my tvr 1972 2500m , I had ,at one time ,hooked up to the v8 turbo engine, a drivetrain consisting of a jag 4 speed ,with welded up overdrive , connected to a zf 4 speed gearbox from a van. this second box was turned round the other way with an outrigger bearing on the input shaft .and a coupling made up with the clutch spline welded in the centre .

this gave me any ratio I wanted cos I now had 4 overdrives .in 4th on the back box it would be 1:1, then as you changes up the back box , it would overdrive the front one ,because it was back to front .

you could now stall the engine at 100 mph.

I used it to give me 2000 rpm @ 120 mph for cruising .and got 37 mpg on a dellorto carb .

any rd up , the point is ,at one point I and my girlfriend were on our way to a dance about 80 miles away ,and about 10 miles from the destination , the bolts in the connection between the two boxes fell out..

well, all but one , so the rear box started going up and down as the coupling came out of line , gearlever going up and down 4 inches ,very funny .

I got my partner to go down the rd with a torch and find the bolts ,which she did amazingly ,and I banged it all back together and off we went .


Robert Burnett

hub bearing carrier

December 29, 2013

ok doke ,

so stage one ,of the remote gearbox, was to make a hub bearing carrier( to mount the cv bearing ,flange, cv assembly to, then to bolt the flywheel/clutch to …phew…,)

I was going to use the cast one , but ,as avid readers will know it turned out to be cast iron .

so this bit of billet steel will do , you can see the cast thing I have to copy above ^^^not too complicated , so to start with , I centred the billet in the chuck ,and started to face it off ,and centre mark it . this stuff is tough !! not sure what it is but im guessing 32.

next step is to get a drillin’ n’ a borin’ .(just practising my Texan oilman drawl.) 😉

Robert Burnett

Veronica’s mini distraction

December 24, 2013

I have been taking time to work on a project for veronica , and when that’s at the stage I want I will be back on this , she feels terrible I am not working on it , and keeps saying ,we can do that when I come to England , work on medusa . and I say pffft !! in a week .lol.

I’ve now been saying that since September !!

so this is now at the stage I can leave it for a while , a old shell left outside for 23 years , I restored for v for Christmas, as it was .

how it turned out …..after lots of welding and filling… including cutting some mk1 light surrounds out of a shell down the scrappy ,and welding them in here ..

so now I can get on with machining up the hub for the gearbox input on MEDUSA .

Robert Burnett

medusa technical info

November 12, 2013

Hi, Veronica here with a bit of an explanation.

Here is some good Medusa technical info off some queries on Robert’s various forums:

– re the two engines. I will be running them off two xj6 distributors ,with points no less , so no ecu needed . I have one distributor off bay for a tenner ,and will probably make the other one from a v6 one.
fuel will be lpg , propane ,and use a normal vapouriser and ring in each inlet . so no ecu there either . I have 2 doughnut tanks to put in the tail inside the fishy bit .

– im not worried about the engines fighting each other at all at all ,if you imagine the situation ,taken to extremes , one engine puts out 50 bhp , and another puts out 300, you end up with a simple addition of the two when running steady state . and a strange slight percentage difference in the two steady state outputs as they accelerate . (this is how I imagine it anyway)
its a little like any engine , there are cylinders doing more work , due to being favoured in the manifold pulse ram tuning etc , and other ones doing less work , they all combine at the crank to contribute what they can , its the same here , just the cranks are connected externally .

in this instance , bhp of each engine is 220 and 240 ,with full quiet inlet and exhaust , I think a fair estimation of 500 bhp unrestricted is likely , chassis is 480 kg ,and each engine 165 kg… if I can get the whole thing at less that 1000 kg that will be fine , twin rear wheels here we come !!

firing order wise ,after a fair bit of research and reading , into the world of tractor pulling and other combined engines , I have found there seems to be a consensus that it doesn’t matter a hill of breans if they are synchronised in any special way .

so I thought ok , how can I use this to medusa’s advantage … I decided to run it so the back engine fires between the firing on the front engine .so prob 45degrees after each no1 engine firing , no2 will fire .
there are two ideas behind this.

1) it will be easier to crank the engines with a remote starter on the gearbox if there is only ever one compression to cope with .

2)it will sound unique , as far as I can work out , you could not make a single crank engine sound like this will sound. :-0 😯 😀

are the newer 24 valve ally block versions , ones a 4 litre and one a 3.6 litre.

– the great thing about running lpg ,apart from it being 69 pence per litre as opposed to 1.40 a litre for petrol , is that the emission rules are 4% co and 1200ppm hc .this makes it very easy to get through . my present runabout ,a diy turbo 1.4 astra estate running solely lpg, was 0.85% co and 341 ppm hc . and thats just a crude system .

to get it on the rd , because I have the v5 for the chassis in my name ,and I will retain the 8 point necessary to get it iva/uva exempt , it will nedd a simple visual to show I have retained the chassis as is and suspension etc . and that should be it . it will then be renamed in the v5 by dvla.

– re danger , my bike is around 768 bhp/ton .my Austin min is 406/ton ,and so on , im fairly used to violent machines lol. this will be my first personal non turbo project in years . im trying to devise a rotary valve so I can have proper 12 cylinder flamage out the top!! oh yes .

my dream is to have a picture of the car , in the dusk , totally sideways with smoke pouring off the tyres ,and twelve stacks of flame jetting up in the air ..then I will be wearing a smoking jacket,a fez ,and a pencil moustache , smoking a hookah . still trying to book my Canadian model for the passenger seat in a flapper dress and pearls . 😀

are you running through a reduction drive ,? if so that will drop your tq by the ratio , if its a 3;1 then down to a paltry 500 lbs ft , if a 2;1 then a grunty 750 .

I think we need to book a drag race? we should be able to obliterate the track with tyre smoke whilst just sitting there ….sniggering .

– yup you’re right, a twin starter would be most effective …the way I see it , this starter ,off a transit diesel with a 20:1 cr , should hopefully cope well with the jags 10:1 odd. it appears to be much heavier duty than a petrol starter ,much heavier teeth and flywheel diameter. my only concern is if it won’t spin fast enough …time will tell.

– in fact I may use 7.50 16 tyres due to the huge expense of going proper vintage spokeyness . and the highest speed rating I can find on those is around 100mph odd . so yes spectacle and drama is the path . something to bear in mind is , your drive train only has to cope with what the tyres can hold . so even if you had 2000 lb/ft ,if the tyres can only hold 250 lb/ft ,then that’s the drivetrain max load .

Robert Burnett

Ti headers collected

October 3, 2013

oooof well slight diversion while I make veronica another mini ,but I have now got my 3 sets of Ti headers from a Honda fireblade to make my 12 headers ,and some gauges to play with . should be able to get back to machining the gearbox hub soon .

Robert Burnett

cut off the outriggers

August 2, 2013

hello chaps ,

a little bit of work done today in a quick hour spare ..

I decided to clear away unnecessary stuff from the chassis

cut off the outriggers on both sides ..

they were pretty thick ,and with the exhaust dropped 20kg 44 pounds off the rolling chassis..

then I attacked my hub thingy ,off an alfa romeo or fiat incidentally..

lopped off its appendages ready for a bit of lathe-age ….oh yes .


Robert Burnett

gearbox/flywheel/clutch assembly

July 13, 2013

okey dokey ,well a little bit more done.

so in my attempt to make a remote gearbox/flywheel/clutch assembly, I have cut out of steel plate a mounting plate for the hub.this will bolt over the face of the gearbox and have a wheel hub with a cv joint and wheel flange in it…,with those bracing pieces there .. to mount the flywheel on..

here’s the hub I will use ,with all the arms off and machined down in the lathe..

this is the gearbox, a ford mt75..

and a new turbo came my way out of the blue , I thought you’d enjoy its excessive size ..

maybe good for a jet engine go cart one day .its good for around 1500 bhp I think on a big v8 .comes off a rock mover thingy 23 litres 2200lbs.ft and 750 odd bhp.100 ton gvw …..nice


Robert Burnett

made a scale model

June 20, 2013

haha, you’re going to cringe when i tell you john , i welded the inconel .5mm wall thickness on the bike …hold on where’s a pic ..

with mild steel mig wire and argon co mix .just sort of splattered it around ,and built up a big enough mass to then run a bead ,then grind it all back .went a little rusty , but it worked ! heathen backyard dodgery .oh yes .

meanwhile, i have been in vancouver for 4 weeks , partly with a VERY bad back ,and decided to make a bit of a very rough scale model to see how it all fits ..

i made a 1/10th scale base plate and then engines an axles with wheels ..

then made a scale robert ,and added a few more bits ..

while really rough , it has helped me visualise some stuff. 😀