more progress on the hub

January 24, 2014

v’s mini is now on hold till she comes back in summer ,and she’s helping me sort out the back barn before she goes home 🙁

the blasted billet is some weird metal , it drilled ok , if a bit slowly , but my new carbide cutter will only take off about 10 thou , if I try a deeper cut it squeals like a pig (boy). I tried everything from 60 to 850 rpm , raising and lowering centres, lube or no lube . cutting 10 thou is ok ,and leaves a finish like chrome .phew ,typical bloody stainless , except … its magnetic !

so new plan is to go to the magic scrapyard ,and grab a handfull of no2 morse drills, hopefully up to 40mm or whatever it needs to be ,then I can just machine the last little bit.

phew ,beware of free metal !

bet it will still weld though with my magic unobtanium welder . you really don’t want to know the price of a roll of wire for that .

little bit of progress..

turned down the shank of this 34mm drill to fit in the chuck ,and it didn’t snap off !!!

then generally hacked away at the 316 hub .bit by bit …

until I got the a rough .9mm off my final size at one end

and 5mm too long and too thick at the other …
also faced off the (extremely hard) plate , bit of chatter ,,but that’s ok i’m a talkative sort of chap.

so next step is to finish off the 5mm end ,and then counter sink it a bit more to fit deeperlyer into the plate, and then weld ,then machine final sizes .hot damn!

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