hub bearing carrier

December 29, 2013

ok doke ,

so stage one ,of the remote gearbox, was to make a hub bearing carrier( to mount the cv bearing ,flange, cv assembly to, then to bolt the flywheel/clutch to …phew…,)

I was going to use the cast one , but ,as avid readers will know it turned out to be cast iron .

so this bit of billet steel will do , you can see the cast thing I have to copy above ^^^not too complicated , so to start with , I centred the billet in the chuck ,and started to face it off ,and centre mark it . this stuff is tough !! not sure what it is but im guessing 32.

next step is to get a drillin’ n’ a borin’ .(just practising my Texan oilman drawl.) 😉

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