Hole down the middle of the “hub to be”

January 7, 2014


so making a hole down the middle of the’ hub to be’ was not too bad ,a couple of hours work ..

then all the way through was achieved..

bought myself one of these little boring bars to help along ..

now here’s a question I am wondering about ,if I construct the hub like so ,with welded webs to hold it strongly in place , how much will the welding distort the hub out of round ?

I was thinking it may be a good idea to make the hub roughed out ,then weld it to the plate with the webs ,then machine the rest ,what do you think ?
obviously it would be easiest to finish the hub ,and then weld it , but don’t want to have it go all wonky .

the wall thickness when finished is going to be approximately 3/4” 19mm. so pretty damn thick .

unfortunately with a 5” throw on the lathe ,and wanting to have a definately strong tough bearing carrier ( which now appears to be 316) I’m going to persevere with what I have ,the good thing is , if it breaks the gearlever will let me know lol.

ok this reminds me of a story ..

back in 1993…..

in my tvr 1972 2500m , I had ,at one time ,hooked up to the v8 turbo engine, a drivetrain consisting of a jag 4 speed ,with welded up overdrive , connected to a zf 4 speed gearbox from a van. this second box was turned round the other way with an outrigger bearing on the input shaft .and a coupling made up with the clutch spline welded in the centre .

this gave me any ratio I wanted cos I now had 4 overdrives .in 4th on the back box it would be 1:1, then as you changes up the back box , it would overdrive the front one ,because it was back to front .

you could now stall the engine at 100 mph.

I used it to give me 2000 rpm @ 120 mph for cruising .and got 37 mpg on a dellorto carb .

any rd up , the point is ,at one point I and my girlfriend were on our way to a dance about 80 miles away ,and about 10 miles from the destination , the bolts in the connection between the two boxes fell out..

well, all but one , so the rear box started going up and down as the coupling came out of line , gearlever going up and down 4 inches ,very funny .

I got my partner to go down the rd with a torch and find the bolts ,which she did amazingly ,and I banged it all back together and off we went .


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