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Robert Burnett

Robert Burnett

a redesign

August 16, 2014

yesterday I got the holes drilled in the heavy 1/2 inch bell housing plate …

and spent a long time getting the flywheel to sit where it should in relation to the spigot bearing ,starter motor ,release bearing and central to the 1st motion shaft .

this took a while because I was using the witness marks on the 1st m shaft to position the flywheel ,then could not get full engagement of the starter pinion ,then I realised that ,from the marks on the pinion and flywheel , ford had only ever managed to get a half tooth depth anyway !

so I redesigned it to get full engagement .noice.

next thing is to make up an ally spacer ring of 17.1mm to give correct depth penetration of the hub through the plate
oh yes.

then it’s on to fitting the whole box in the chassis .

Robert Burnett

flange to hub interface sorted

August 14, 2014

finally got the flange to hub interface sorted , bought some cheap 14 to 22 mm drills off ebay for 18.88 …amazingly they worked a treat .maximum drillage!!

starting the assembly and measuring for the spacers ,next thing is to bolt the clutch and flywheel on ,and test for correct shaft penetration !

little vid!

Robert Burnett

bolting the drive flange to the flywheel interface hub F.I.H.

August 7, 2014

ok doke!!

a little more progress has occurred , doesn’t look much ,but took a lot of time !..

first job was to bolt the drive flange to the flywheel interface hub F.I.H…

realising the flange rides close to its mounting plate ,meant I have to bolt it from the other side ,so I drilled new m14 holes and tapped them out …

so that was that part sorted ,then I had to drill the F.I.H for the m14 bolts to go through ..

that’s out to 10mm…. it will eventually be 14mm , and a 19mm by 10 deep hole for the heads of the bolts to fit in and sit flush , the bolts were made shorter and slimmer in the heads so they wont impinge on the other holes in that area ..

then it was time to do the flywheel bolt holes and tap them out to m10..

then it was a big moment , pressing in the wheel bearing ,this would soon highlight whether I had the hole the right size, I honed the 1st 10mm of the hole to taper it slightly ,and tapped the bearing in , a perfect fit …well surprised …:-)

put the circlip in and started to insert and construct ….

first the cv into the carrier ..

then laid the flange on ,(this has to be pressed in to finalise )

then the F.I.H

you can see the end of the cv through the hub , I had to spacer the thickness of the hub to clear the cv end from the spigot bearing …. even with it cut down 5mm..

then popped on the flywheel ..

so that’s a problem solved ..
and a couple of collected pictures ..

next , on to the g box plate and mounting it all to the box.

fun fun fun ! 🙂

Robert Burnett

now, how to bolt it together

July 7, 2014

well that took a ludicrous amount of time , but its done now. next thing is to drill holes and tap threads to bolt it together .

that really was some hard steel ,and it was critical to get the drive flange rebate the right size , I don’t want the flywheel describing an out of true circular motion as it spins…might be a bit vibratey !

Robert Burnett

making the hub to connect the drive flange to the flywheel

June 9, 2014

lathe fixed oh yes.

turned rack around and countersunk the holes , got some new bsf countersunk allens ,and shimmed the rack down too .now all smooth and hunky dory .
machined that piece of steel ,and now doing the spigot for the flywheel to sit on .still only machining at .5mm cut depth ,but getting there 🙂

am making the hub still , to connect the drive flange to the flywheel



hub on lathe ,starting to finalise the recess for the flange to fit in , you might be able to see I have finished the other side for the flywheel, there is a spigot sticking out 5mm for the centre of the flywheel to locate on ,and the centre has been machined for the spigot roller bearing to sit in .

the blue finish is from the reheating of the hub to soften it ,it sort of worked ,and once I am about 5mm in it goes a bit softer ..

Robert Burnett


March 27, 2014

so here’s Michael gas cutting out my bit of 40mm was not easy .

now to turn this into something sexy and shiny..

faced it off… then spent a while with a thin disc cutting off the outer rock-hard shell.the torch appears to have converted it into a diamond/steel hybrid.(again , no idea what steel it is , but I do know the swarf comes of turquoise.)

then hours of machining ,paring away the outer side and starting the recess for the wheel flange to locate on ..

bored a 32mm hole down the middle and finished roughing out the dimensions.

phew !
tomorrow the other side,, oh joy 😉

Robert Burnett

the stub axle/cv joint wheel flange assembly

March 24, 2014

finished machining the bearing fit on the hub carrier…it went well!

then had to solve the problem of the link to the crank for the gearbox drive shaft .so I took the steel crank spacer ,

and machined a rebate in it

then welded the articulation hollows in the uj flange to give myself a flat face for more boltagenosity..

ending up ,after a load of die grinder hole resculpting ..with this ..

may just only use the 6 bolts and weld these two together round the edge .

heres the stub axle/cv joint wheel flange assembly ready to pop in to the carrier .

also recut the adaptor plate to clear the starter motor…after a lot of measuring .

I have to make a 30mm thick plate to connect the flywheel to the wheel flange , so tomorrow I will be going down to the scrapyard to get a bit if plasma action going on .

then going on to Twyford to start up a famous car .the john pope special ,after not being used till 78.

Robert Burnett

machined the wedges square

January 29, 2014

so yesterday I machined the wedges square ,and now it all ready for welding , I hope to get that done this week .

also ordered the spigot bearing for the ford box , and I have a faint hope it fits in the flywheel not the crank on the transit ,which would make things simpler .