made a scale model

June 20, 2013

haha, you’re going to cringe when i tell you john , i welded the inconel .5mm wall thickness on the bike …hold on where’s a pic ..

with mild steel mig wire and argon co mix .just sort of splattered it around ,and built up a big enough mass to then run a bead ,then grind it all back .went a little rusty , but it worked ! heathen backyard dodgery .oh yes .

meanwhile, i have been in vancouver for 4 weeks , partly with a VERY bad back ,and decided to make a bit of a very rough scale model to see how it all fits ..

i made a 1/10th scale base plate and then engines an axles with wheels ..

then made a scale robert ,and added a few more bits ..

while really rough , it has helped me visualise some stuff. 😀

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