And then the hub…

April 18, 2013

Ahhhh Robert, I like! At first when you posted OPEN WHEEL all i could see was a cross between The Mormon Meteor and Chitty ChittyBang Bang…….
I like this ALOT!.
Got me thinking if i were to connect 6 Harley motors together i could have one hell of a V 12 🙂
Just can’t wait to see this project mature……


hi rick, yup ,that does look nice and scary lol.
i am presently investigating these

to see if i can do away with re-keying the crank ,and just clamp onto it …i have made a crank hub from steel , but i have to see if there’s enough room in it for an internal ‘b loc’ .

this afternoon i hope to be off and disemboweling a transit van for its box, flywheel ,clutch etc ,in the rain …alone…with the worms . 😉



well, here is the hub i butchered from an old bit of plate ,en3 so not super tensile , but fairly thick and strong .

so then ,after researching the whole locking hub idea , i concluded that it may be possible to make my hub a locker , by machining a taper inside it ,then making a split tapered collet to lock it to the crank ….

i needed a good grade of steel for the collect ,so utilised an old mini primary gear ,that was HARD ,but since through the case hardening it machined nicely ,albeit in thin slices of a few thou at a time …..

i decided on a 1.5 degree taper for max lockingness /barstardnosity to get off again features …

i now have to machine the inside of it to the crank dia of 1 11/16th or around 42.8mm i think it was , but the gear is already 42.3 inside so not too bad , only fun is half inside is case hardened and half not !

then it’s on to machining out the inside of the hub with the 1.5 degrees .

i now have a transit mt75 box and flywheel , which , i was happy to see ,was double drilled for a much bigger clutch cover ,and can take a 10.5” clutch …nice!!


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