Engines and coupling linked

May 12, 2013

well a bit of a fit of activity ensued yesterday ,i was determined to get the thing mocked up so i can measure where everything goes and start to make a scale model of the bodywork .
so in between biblical rain storms , i juggled and heaved and adapted , until i had the engines and coupling linked up .using a hoist with an arm that is about 10” to short does not help !!

here you can see the coupling .it needs to have some spacers made , or for me to cut away the areas where the bolt heads go .

then i found a old can of silver , and my inner magpie erupted forth, i really wanted to see how the block casting waffle pattern would continue along the engines …

drivers view… 5ft of engine sir ? coming right up !!

then somehow the rockers got sprayed as well , don’t worry ,all this will be steam cleaned off and it done properly.

the train for oxford will be arriving shortly !!

so that’s the story so far 🙂 I’m very happy with the way they look together , and feel that pulling out of junctions will not be a problem , due to the mesmerising effect on the other drivers 😈 .

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