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    bolting the drive flange to the flywheel interface hub F.I.H.

    August 7, 2014

    ok doke!!

    a little more progress has occurred , doesn’t look much ,but took a lot of time !..

    first job was to bolt the drive flange to the flywheel interface hub F.I.H…

    realising the flange rides close to its mounting plate ,meant I have to bolt it from the other side ,so I drilled new m14 holes and tapped them out …

    so that was that part sorted ,then I had to drill the F.I.H for the m14 bolts to go through ..

    that’s out to 10mm…. it will eventually be 14mm , and a 19mm by 10 deep hole for the heads of the bolts to fit in and sit flush , the bolts were made shorter and slimmer in the heads so they wont impinge on the other holes in that area ..

    then it was time to do the flywheel bolt holes and tap them out to m10..

    then it was a big moment , pressing in the wheel bearing ,this would soon highlight whether I had the hole the right size, I honed the 1st 10mm of the hole to taper it slightly ,and tapped the bearing in , a perfect fit …well surprised …:-)

    put the circlip in and started to insert and construct ….

    first the cv into the carrier ..

    then laid the flange on ,(this has to be pressed in to finalise )

    then the F.I.H

    you can see the end of the cv through the hub , I had to spacer the thickness of the hub to clear the cv end from the spigot bearing …. even with it cut down 5mm..

    then popped on the flywheel ..

    so that’s a problem solved ..
    and a couple of collected pictures ..

    next , on to the g box plate and mounting it all to the box.

    fun fun fun ! 🙂

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