a redesign

August 16, 2014

yesterday I got the holes drilled in the heavy 1/2 inch bell housing plate …

and spent a long time getting the flywheel to sit where it should in relation to the spigot bearing ,starter motor ,release bearing and central to the 1st motion shaft .

this took a while because I was using the witness marks on the 1st m shaft to position the flywheel ,then could not get full engagement of the starter pinion ,then I realised that ,from the marks on the pinion and flywheel , ford had only ever managed to get a half tooth depth anyway !

so I redesigned it to get full engagement .noice.

next thing is to make up an ally spacer ring of 17.1mm to give correct depth penetration of the hub through the plate
oh yes.

then it’s on to fitting the whole box in the chassis .

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