Van Dusen Gardens car show inspiration

May 20, 2013

oh you guys on the flowbench forum, sorry about the medusa withdrawals !!! 😀 well i am doing my bit over here in vancouver , went to the van dusen car show yesterday ,and had some ideas ..

first off , i have bought a 2nd set of titanium headers …

so once i get one more set that will be 12 titanium headers for the maximum medusa twisty pipes effect oh yes ,total cost so far 15 quid for one set and a fiver for the other .

now at the show were a few grills i liked ,and i decided to make a hybrid Daimler grill ,with larger wider slats for a more aggressive look …

really like those broader slats . i also need some big headlights , no not veronica again lol, the sort i want are lucas fp1100

if i cannot find these i will make some from 4 5” lights per side .

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