Trying out

    May 8, 2019

    Thought i would try putting my adventures on here for a bit , A) to see if i could work it out , and B) not much interest on the forums anymore,and don’t want to bore people ! , so welcome to me on here 🙂

    latest stuff to happen , is , i went to bicester scramble in April , got worse mpg than last time ,around 5 to 6 mpg , although i will admit i was going a lot faster with my outrider simeon on his dirt bike as company .nice to hear from him that the car looked very planted around the corners .

    had some nice conversations with a lot of people at the scramble ,as usual had no idea of where to park, so just went where i was told and ended up in the brooklands museum area next to a Fraser Nash . A new phenomenon was people asking me to start the car , little did they realise that probably used a quid of fuel each time !(allowing for the most marginal of exaggeration)

    later on i got too cold ,so moved the car to the sunnier areas , it was surreal cruising through the crowds faced with a wall of phones and cameras …..modern life eh.

    in other news , i have had to use the car for my weekly shopping in witney the last couple of weeks due to the astra dying 80 miles away , and having to be relayed home , (by auto aid who did a brilliant job)…turns out its ecu fried a transistor , so that’s getting fixed when the part for me to solder in arrive .

    in the waitrose car park..

    in lidl’s car park …

    had some nice convo’s with people at both places …it was nice to use the car for a purpose , not just driving it around .

    something i tackled the other day , a little bit anyway , was the seam in the bonnet . i always wanted it to be smooth , and there was an idea of welding it and smoothing it , however i was concerned about the bonnet being distorted by the heat , so i had a bit of a bash at it with a hammer ,i think it looks a little better , ,,

    how it looked before ..

    how it looks now ..

    not perfecto , but a incny wincy improvement 🙂

    Work continues on the economy of the car , i will,now i have my new clutch working ok , and the hub not slipping ,focus on the thorny problem of trying to get the same amount of fuel in each cylinder , i have pretty much concluded that the longer the copper pipe , the more fuel goes to that cylinder , so have fitted little taps to each cylinder on engine no2 , and will try to improve things by measuring the exhaust gas temperatures , and adjusting my taps ….time will tell.


    exhaust temperatures …

    you can see on the rhs graph i did manage to get no5 ,the black line to respond just by richening the car , however that then sends the other cylinders super rich .

    thanks for reading .


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