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How hard can it be?

    What’s going on?

    April 15, 2013

    You Sir are “wired” different than . . . oh I don’t know! LOL

    I saw your pics on Facebook and was going to post some here to let everyone know what you were up to but figured I better not 😆

    thats ok bruce , laugh at me or with me ,any laughter is good ,there not enough in the world . 😉

    More Robert More PLEASE!

    oh, alright then , if you insist 😀

    so my train of thought went thusly ,bit bored of minis ,had a very nasty experience with a 1960 barn mini i bought and restored then found out wasnt owned by who i bought it thought , what would i find really fun to drive ,not super fast like the tvr ,or my mini but just plain good old fashioned fun.

    and i thought hmm ,an old open wheel type 1940’s race car on the rd would be fun ,big rope steering wheel and so on .

    then i found a 95 taxi down the magic scrap yard ,where if you remember i got my flow fan . so a bit of negociation and i got the chassis and the reg docs . so in about minus 10 i went down, and in a day took off the body ,and my good friend big john towed it …on a trailer…. up to my place 25 miles away .

    so now to engines ,hmm ,well , these jag 24 v straight 6 engines ,with ally block , are very cheap ,and seem to last a long time ,so i got a couple of those , i had one in my garden for about 5 years so that gave me 2 to use and one spare .

    now i am trying to create a straight 12 from the 2 engines , coupling them with a rubber donut out of a prop ,after a lot of research to see if thats feasable ….finding a twin engined rod with one in between 2 500 bhp sbc was encouraging !

    the idea is to make a remote flywheel clutch gearbox assembly behind the crossmember too ,but like a alfa romeo alfetta/75/gtv from the 80’s.

    i will bung up some more pics this evo if you want ?

    projected power is 250 for the back engine ,and 225 for the front ,and thats as they are in normal form ,with a long snakey exhaust and 12 bellmounths it may be more . so far the thing weighs in at 500kg chassis and 165 kg per engine ,so it may come in at under a ton . ooof ,on old 7.5 16 tyres i think it will be a traction nightmare !! 😈

    its called medusa for all the pipes etc , and i want to get veronica to paint me a ww2 girl on the side with snakey hair. on the number plate it will say ”TWINS BASIL””


  • medusa two engine car


    hi chaps , new endeavour/disaster… My train of thought went thusly, bit bored of minis and thought, what would i find really fun to drive, not super fast like the tvr, or my mini…

    April 3, 2013