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June 2014

Robert Burnett

making the hub to connect the drive flange to the flywheel

June 9, 2014

lathe fixed oh yes.

turned rack around and countersunk the holes , got some new bsf countersunk allens ,and shimmed the rack down too .now all smooth and hunky dory .
machined that piece of steel ,and now doing the spigot for the flywheel to sit on .still only machining at .5mm cut depth ,but getting there 🙂

am making the hub still , to connect the drive flange to the flywheel



hub on lathe ,starting to finalise the recess for the flange to fit in , you might be able to see I have finished the other side for the flywheel, there is a spigot sticking out 5mm for the centre of the flywheel to locate on ,and the centre has been machined for the spigot roller bearing to sit in .

the blue finish is from the reheating of the hub to soften it ,it sort of worked ,and once I am about 5mm in it goes a bit softer ..