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March 2014

Robert Burnett


March 27, 2014

so here’s Michael gas cutting out my bit of 40mm was not easy .

now to turn this into something sexy and shiny..

faced it off… then spent a while with a thin disc cutting off the outer rock-hard shell.the torch appears to have converted it into a diamond/steel hybrid.(again , no idea what steel it is , but I do know the swarf comes of turquoise.)

then hours of machining ,paring away the outer side and starting the recess for the wheel flange to locate on ..

bored a 32mm hole down the middle and finished roughing out the dimensions.

phew !
tomorrow the other side,, oh joy 😉

Robert Burnett

the stub axle/cv joint wheel flange assembly

March 24, 2014

finished machining the bearing fit on the hub carrier…it went well!

then had to solve the problem of the link to the crank for the gearbox drive shaft .so I took the steel crank spacer ,

and machined a rebate in it

then welded the articulation hollows in the uj flange to give myself a flat face for more boltagenosity..

ending up ,after a load of die grinder hole resculpting ..with this ..

may just only use the 6 bolts and weld these two together round the edge .

heres the stub axle/cv joint wheel flange assembly ready to pop in to the carrier .

also recut the adaptor plate to clear the starter motor…after a lot of measuring .

I have to make a 30mm thick plate to connect the flywheel to the wheel flange , so tomorrow I will be going down to the scrapyard to get a bit if plasma action going on .

then going on to Twyford to start up a famous car .the john pope special ,after not being used till 78.